In Brief...

WAMA is a department of Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT). Hence the name CCT WAMA is rather used as the official acronym. The Department with a self accounting status is especially mandated to process customs clearance for goods imported by churches or church affiliated institutions.

This also means that for partners (exporters/consignors) who wish to send goods to churches or church related institutions in Tanzania, CCT WAMA is the ideal clearing agent.

As a Custom’s agent, it operates under a license issued by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). Currently, CCT WAMA operates under custom agent’s license No:10071

CCT WAMA is proud to have been providing services to the CCT member churches and other institutions since 1979, when it was established. At a “pioneer phase“ CCT WAMA had three staff serving not more than 20 Dioceses. But since then (1979) the demand for CCT WAMA services has increased considerably. For example, today CCT has more than 40 Dioceses that at one time or another, require CCTWAMA services.