Wakala wa Makanisa

WAMA is a department of Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT). Hence the name CCT WAMA is rather used as the official acronym. The Department with a self accounting status is especially mandated to process customs clearance for goods imported by churches or church affiliated institutions.

Clearance & Forwarding

Customs clearance for goods imported by religious and non-religious organizations that are eligible for tax exemption. The goods can be vehicles, containerized or lose cargo at Dar es Salaam Port or JKNI airport.

Transportation of goods either in forty (1 x 40’) or twenty (1 x 20’) feet container can be conveniently handled by our transport unit. Our drivers have many years of driving experience in all major roads in the country They have been to all regions in Mainland Tanzania.

Supply of Goods

For many years CCT WAMA has been involved in facilitating orders for new vehicles, supply of motorcycles (Honda XL 125 CT 110 and recently Honda 125XR), Photocopy Papers and Altar wine.  We also distribute and follow up reports for Material Resources that are donated by Lutheran World Relief.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance

Through its Garage unit, CCT WAMA provides repair services for different types of Cars and Motorcycles. The Garage, established in 1985 is manned with qualified and experienced mechanics.